Made with Stainless Steel. Choose a pendant to display on the outer clip!

You will need approximately 4-6 petals the size of a toonie per piece. 

Select if you have already completed the questions below for a previous item and all information/instructions will remain the same. Please bypass questions and go straight to "ADD TO CART" at bottom of page.
If you are using your own special flowers, please select the type.
If you're using our supply of flowers, let us know what colours/ratios or specific flower(s) you'd like us to include. *Note: specific flower requests are based on availability at the time of ordering. White flowers appear off-white/ivory*
Please select the sparkly additive you'd like us to use! Shimmer is our favourite for a subtle shine!
Please share with us any additional information and instructions!
Please upload any files or photos that may help us create your petal jewellery. If your piece will have custom writing, please scan and upload the file.
Please share with us the story and meaning behind your flowers!
Do you mind if we share your story anonymously on our social media outlets?
If using your own flowers, please select your delivery method.

**When mailing, your flowers MUST be fully dried. You will NOT be contacted when we receive your flowers, so we encourage you to add tracking to monitor their arrival.** Please find our mailing address and instructions for drying/packaging under the "How To" page in the main menu.
If you selected "Drop Off (Corner Brook Studio)" let us know the date you will be dropping off your flowers. Our Drop Box is located on our front railing at 86 Reid street, Corner Brook, NL.

1. Make sure your name and phone number is included with the flowers.
2. If flowers are fresh please place them between paper towel in a paper bag or one of our gift boxes
(do not use a ziplock or plastic sealed bag as flowers may turn brown).

Fresh flowers will be prepped and dried for up to 4 weeks or until dried. The drying time is in addition to the policy timeframe (please see "Information").

You will NOT be contacted when we receive your flowers, as our drop box is a secure unit and you can safely assume we have received them.
What happens next after placing your order for a CUSTOM item:
1. You will immediately receive an order confirmation email (please check your junk mail). If you don't receive one please contact us and we will confirm the email address entered and resend the confirmation!
2. We will contact you ONLY if we have any questions throughout your order.
3. You will receive an email once your order is completed. This email will have your shipping notification OR a pick-up date/time.

Please check to show you understand and agree with the above. For any questions please contact us.

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