February 10, 2022


All custom orders are being scheduled on a monthly basis. We are currently booking for April, 2022. Once the slots for April are filled we will move on and book for May, and so on. When you place your custom order online you will be alerted what month your order is booked for (the alert will be prior to checking out so can decide if you’d still like to place your order). Your order will be started and finished within that month.

We must receive your flowers before the first of the designated month. If your flowers haven’t arrived by this time your order will be moved to the next available slot. We will not be working on the order before to the designated month, so no need to check in for progress updates. 

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate special dates or times within the month. We will notify you when the order is available for pick up or it is shipped. 

We hope to stay on track with this new booking system, however there may be circumstances that we go over a week or two. We apologize for this and hope to work out all the kinks over the next few months. We appreciate your patience during this creative period as all of our items are handmade and may sometimes require more care to attain the desired look and quality. We do not guarantee any specific time frame. 

By placing the order you are automatically agreeing to our policies.