My Name is Megan Lundrigan, the owner and maker at Petal Jewellery Shop. Next to me is my trusty studio companion, Boris. 
 I started this business in 2016. At the time I was working as a Registered Nurse in my hometown of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Fast forward to 2022 and I am living my dream, creating full-time! I still have to regularly pinch myself! 


     The concept of Petal Jewellery Shop began after two close friends tied the knot. I wanted to create a unique keepsake from her special day, so I snuck away some of her bouquet petals on their wedding night.  
Through trial and error, I created the first ever piece of Petal Jewellery. 
     Over the years I developed many different skills, and my product line continues to evolve daily. I am proud to say that currently every single item on my website (besides the chains) are made by me, including all of the metal work and tiny findings. Someone asked me once, "wouldn't it be easier to buy some stuff in bulk or outsource the bezels?". The answer is definitely yes. And while I have availed of that method in the past, my goal has always been to learn and create as much as I can from scratch. 

      If you ask me my favourite part of this journey, it would undoubtably be the learning, growth, and stories that you share.

Look forward to growing with you!