Our Story

Petal Jewellery Shop was designed for the heart and mind. Our aim is to create pieces that lift and inspire both.


 We were founded in 2016 by Megan Lundrigan, a Newfoundlander who was working as a Registered Nurse in her home town of Corner Brook.


Petal Jewellery Shop began after one of our best friends had gotten married. We wanted to create a unique keepsake from her special day. On her wedding night we took some petals from her bouquet (without her knowing) and through trial and error, created the first ever piece of Petal Jewellery. 
Our jewellery is made using a mixture of resin and flowers. The perfect medium to capture the beauty and textures of both real and faux petals. We are proud to be able to take a small piece of a special moment and capture it in a way that it can be cherished forever. 


If you ask us our favourite part of this journey, it would undoubtably be the stories that you share. The stories behind each flower and why they are so meaningful.


 From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and everyone of you.