Time Frame

We always try our best to accommodate your special dates. Time frames may vary based on; order size, flower drying time, mailing/drop-off arrival, custom features, bulk drop-off location orders, etc. Please contact us prior to placing your order for a quote. 

We appreciate your patience during this creative period as all of our items are handmade and may sometimes require more care to attain the desired look and quality. We do not guarantee any specific time frame. 


Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure all of our customers are happy, therefore we do offer full refunds for damaged pieces. 

We always try to match your vision, however ultimately the finished look depends on the flowers used. For custom orders please keep an open mind as no two pieces are ever the same. 



Fresh flowers are dried prior to being made into jewellery. Drying time may take up to 4 weeks and is in addition to the creation timeframe. You will notice a change in colour once they are dried (amount varies based on flower type). If you wish to match the colours of your fresh flowers please let us know as we can add in additional flowers from our own supply (just attach a photo of your bouquet when placing your order). No preparation is required for faux flowers. 



If ordering through Social Media outlets, we accept: cash; email money transfers; gift certificates; or credit/debit tap (pick up only).

If ordering through our website we accept: credit cards; email money transfers; and gift certificates. 


Jewellery Care

Resin Jewellery -

Do not get pieces wet. Do not wear your jewellery when: working out; swimming; showering; cleaning; sunbathing; or applying lotion/makeup/hair products. Do not put pieces under pressure. Do not leave in direct sunlight as it may cause fading. Tanning lotions will stain your pendant. Chemicals will bleach your flowers causing a colour change. 


Sterling Silver - 

Sterling silver is created with a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver will tarnish over time. This is normal and happens when your jewellery interacts with the salt in the air, chlorine, humidity, perspiration, chemicals, cosmetics, and sulphur. 

How quickly your jewellery will tarnish is greatly impacted on where you live and the amount of salt in the air. To help slow the tarnishing we recommend removing when in the shower, at the gym, and swimming. Store in a sealed, dry place away from the air (especially if you keep your jewellery in the bathroom). A tip is to put the jewellery back in the packaging box, or in a jewellery pouch. 

To clean your sterling silver piece we recommend rubbing gently with a silver tarnishing clot and then a polishing cloth. You may clean with water and soap (or a commercial cleaner), however please take care that you avoid getting any resin components wet or submerged. 


14K Gold-Filled - 

Gold-filled jewellery is the highest quality before solid gold. Unlike plated/vermeil jewellery, in which a base metal is "dipped" in a layer of gold, gold-filled jewellery will not rub or wear away. Gold-filled jewellery is composed of mechanically bonded layers of gold to the base metal. The metal is regulated and must contain 5% gold by weight. This means that gold-filled jewellery is durable, long lasting, and easy to care for. 

To clean use your gold-filled jewellery you may use a mild soap and water. Please avoid getting any resin components wet or submerged. We recommend removing before getting into pools/hot tubs/chlorine and before using harsh chemicals like sunscreen. 


Polymer Clay -

Please remove your clay earrings before laying down or going to sleep. Pressure will cause your piece to crack. Do not get wet. Gently clean with a damp cloth or rubbing alcohol.