Gemstone Charms

Each charm is a genuine gemstone cabochon purchased from a reputable dealer. Each charm is encased with a handmade bezel setting in one of three metal choices. Chain is not included but can be purchased here

Please find care instructions here.

They say each stone has an energy and special meaning. Some stones are said to bring spiritual healing.

1. Opal. Opal is the creative stone, bringing enlightenment, freedom and independence. It is the birthstone for October. This opal is lab grown. 

2. Turquoise. This natural turquoise stone is said to bring luck, peace, and protection. It purifies and dispels negative energy. It is the birthstone for December. 

3. Pink Opal. This natural common opal is said to bring good fortune, peace, joy and wealth. 

4. Amethyst. This natural stone is one of the most popular. Its name represents the grounding and calming nature of the stone. It is said to enhance intuition, while also protecting the wearer from nightmares. It is the birthstone for February.

5. Blue Lace Agate. It is said that this stone will reduce stress. It also helps communication and self-expression.  

6. Onyx. This stone helps concentration, thought and logic. Its a strong protective stone and increases your confidence. 

7. Rose Quartz. They say this stone represents love and beauty. It allows you to open your heart to unconditional love.  

**These stones are to wear as a beautiful mineral crystal charm. Do not substitute gemstones for scientific medical help. If you have a physical, mental, or emotional issue, please talk to your healthcare professional. While each stone has a "power" there are no studies to support this, these are just for fun. 


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